CISN ShakeAlert


The ShakeAlert User Display is a tool that brings Earthquake Early Warning to perspective users. These warnings can be used as information or to perform an operation that will impact personal safety, provide awareness and reduce losses to critical infrastructures.

In both Northern and Southern California, we are currently reaching out to perspective users of Earthquake Early Warning to recruit Beta Testers of the ShakeAlert Display and provide essential feedback to developers on the perceived benefits, barriers, uses, operational costs and savings to their organization.

EEW Applications:

    Public safety – get into a safe place to protect yourself
    Employee and emergency responder safety
    Mass transit
    Open elevator doors
    Shut down caustic chemicals
    Notify employees enroute
    Amusement parks
    Shut down dangerous operating equipment
    Protect goods from damage and loss


    Short-term – The ShakeAlert Education and Implementation Group will assist users in implementing ShakeAlert and educate them on the uses and benefits of earthquake early warning through presentations and hands-on workshops.
    Long Term – Provide critical information and updates on the science of earthquakes and on all ANSS and USGS earthquake tools and products to assist in the reduction of losses and resiliency of California’s infrastructure.
    Public/Private Partnerships – Encourage and facilitate public/private partnerships which will be an integral part of the success of EEW

Additional information about the initial testing of the ShakeAlert User Display.

ShakeAlert V1.2 rolled out in April extending the “production prototype” to Washington and Oregon!

Beta Users - download the latest UserDisplay (V2.6.0)

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