Pilot Implementations

Pilot Users and Projects

The USGS is seeking partners to develop pilot projects that demonstrate the use of ShakeAlert System notifications and data streams in real-world applications. we welcome pilots with both direct users and commercial developers.

Pilot Users share all the characteristics of Beta Users but must also be willing to commit to implementing one or more specific applications for ShakeAlert to the point of practical demonstration. Not all proposed pilot projects will be selected for development. In 2018 ShakeAlert will progress from its “production prototype” phase to public alerts in some areas.

If your organization is interested in a Pilot Project, please contact your local ShakeAlert Regional Coordinator to discuss your project.

ShakeAlert™ Regional Coordinators


Bill Steele – wsteele@uw.edu
Mouse Reusch – topo@uw.edu


Leland O’Driscoll – lelando@uoregon.edu
Lucy Walsh – lwalsh@uoregon.edu


Jenn Strauss (Northern California) – jastrauss@berkeley.edu
Margaret Vinci (Southern California) – mvinci@gps.caltech.edu

U.S. Geological Survey

Robert de Groot (All Regions) – rdegroot@usgs.gov


  • Qualifying pilot implementations must meet the following criteria:
    • be limited to actions or notifications within the applicant’s organization.
    • not result in notifications to the public or any individual who has not been trained in how to respond to ShakeAlert notifications or actions resulting from them.
    • be tolerant of system errors including false, missed, or late alerts and incorrect intensity estimates.
    • not have the potential to result in injury, damage, or loss.
    • be within areas with sufficient station coverage (e.g. metropolitan Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area).
    • have the capability to be tested using ShakeAlert test notifications and data streams.
    • be substantially different from other pilot projects.
    • have the potential for broader application by other users.

The ShakeAlert System provides earthquake notification and data streams using internet-based services. The USGS will provide API and data format documentation intended for developers. The USGS will also provide password protected access to a ShakeAlert test service and live streams from ShakeAlert production prototypes services. The ability of the USGS to provide application development support is very limited.

ShakeAlert is a cooperative project between the USGS and university partners including the University of Washington, the University of Oregon, the University of California at Berkeley and the California Institute of Technology. We encourage collaboration among all interested parties including Beta Users, Pilot Users, universities, and government entities.

Qualifying organizations and their partners must accept the terms of the USGS’s ShakeAlert License Agreement and Terms of Service. Pilot projects intended to result in commercial products or services must be done under a technology transfer agreement with the USGS. If you are interested in learning more about a technology transfer agreement please contact Robert de Groot at: rdegroot@usgs.gov or by phone at: 626-583-7225.