Beta Users

ShakeAlert Beta Users

Beta users of the ShakeAlert system are trusted partners willing to join with us to test the system’s performance and provide feedback for research and development. Because the system is not yet completed or fully tested, beta users must take no real actions based on ShakeAlert information. In contrast, Pilot Users can implement and test limited, pre-approved actions in response to system alerts.

Beta users must agree to the ShakeAlert License Agreement and Terms of Service.


Beta User Criteria

  • Beta user organizations must:
    • have an interest in partnering with the ShakeAlert project to demonstrate the usefulness of the ShakeAlert system
    • agree to the terms of the end user agreement
    • commit sufficient resources to successfully install and run the ShakeAlert UserDisplay application and monitor results
    • designate a single point of contact
    • participate in training to understand the capabilities and limitations of the ShakeAlert system
    • provide suggestions and feedback regarding the ShakeAlert system, including functionality, design, usability, bugs, and results of any testing performed by user
    • understand that no actions should be taken based on the ShakeAlert notifications

Beta user will install the ShakeAlert “User Display” application on a local computer and receive training that includes:

  • Overview of the project including partners, how the system works, utilization of ShakeAlert user display, and system limitations and delivery mechanisms
  • Expectations from Beta users include:
    • Providing regular feedback
    • Ability to provide the proper software and manpower to run and monitor the program
    • Participation in regularly scheduled discussions
    • Trusted not to share code or data outside the working group

Current ShakeAlert Beta Users

(Primary Affinity : P – Pacific Northwest, N – Northern California, S – Southern California)

  1. Alaska Airlines P
  2. Amgen S (medical products)
  3. Arx Pax N (magnetic base isolation)
  4. AtHoc N (mass communications)
  5. Bank of America S
  6. Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) N
  7. Bonneville Power Administration P
  8. Boyd Gaming S, Las Vegas, NV
  9. British Columbia Provincial Emergency Management P
  10. British Petroleum (Olympic Pipeline) P
  11. Cal OES, Warning Center S
  12. California High Speed Rail Authority N
  13. Caltech Safety/Security/Facilities S
  14. Caltrans S  (8 traffic mgmt. centers)
  15. City of Hesperia S
  16. City of Long Beach S EOC, FD, PD, Depts. of wastewater, transportation, gas, oil, water
  17. City of Ontario EOC S
  18. City of San Jose N
  19. FEMA Region IX
  20. FEMA Region X P
  21. (Crisis Response) N
  22. Early Warning Labs S
  23. Intel Corporation P
  24. Jet Propulsion Lab, EOC, Deep Space Net S
  25. Kinemetrics (seismic sensor systems) S
  26. Long Beach Airport S
  27. Los Angeles City S, EMD, Police, Fire, port and airport
  28. Los Angeles County OEM S, Sheriff, Fire
  29. Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power S
  30. Los Angeles MetroS
  31. Los Angeles Unified School District S
  32. Marin County N
  33. Menlo Park Fire Dept.N
  34. Metrolink S   (dispatch)
  35. Metropolitan Water District S
  36. Microsoft P
  37. NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Lab P
  38. Natural Resources Canada P
  39. North County Transit District S (San Diego)
  40. Northwest Healthcare Response Network P
  41. Ocean Networks Canada P
  42. Orange Co. OEMS
  43. Orange Co. Sheriff S
  44. Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) P
  45. Oregon Department of Transportation P
  46. Oregon Emergency Management P
  47. Paccar (truck manufacturer) P
  48. Pacific Gas and Electric
  49. Port of Long Beach S
  50. Port of Seattle (SeaTac Airport and Seattle Marine Port) P
  51. Providence Health & Services (Washington & Oregon Hospitals) P
  52. Puget Sound Energy P
  53. RESIG N (school insurance)
  54. Regroup N (mass communications)
  55. Riverside County OEM/FireS
  56. San Bernardino OEC/FireS
  57. San Diego County EOC S
  58. San Francisco DEM N
  59. San Francisco Dept. Public Works N
  60. San Francisco, DEM, 911, 311, Police, Fire N
  61. San Mateo County, Fire N
  62. Santa Barbara County OEM S
  63. Seattle City Light P
  64. Seattle Emergency Management P
  65. Seattle Public Utilities P
  66. Solano County N
  67. Sound Transit P
  68. Southern California Edison S
  69. The Boeing Company P
  70. The Salvation Army
  71. UC Berkeley OEP N
  72. UCSF Medical Center N
  73. US Digital Designs, Inc. S
  74. Univ. of So California, EOC, Fire, facilities S
  75. Universal Studios (NBC) S
  76. University of Oregon P
  77. University of So California Medical Center S
  78. University of Washington, Emergency Management P
  79. Washington Department of Natural Resources P
  80. Washington State Dept. of Transportation P
  81. Water Quality Control Plant for South San Francisco N

In addition to the groups listed below many project participants and scientific colleagues receive alerts.

ShakeAlert V1.2 rolled out in April extending the “production prototype” to Washington and Oregon!

Beta Users - download the latest UserDisplay (V2.6.0)

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