Beta Users

ShakeAlert™ Beta Users

Beta Users of the ShakeAlert system are partners who want to evaluate the System, provide feedback to the project but who will not actively use it for alerting or development. Beta Users will take no real actions based on ShakeAlert information. In contrast, partners implement alerting for their own use and companies that will develop commercial products and services for clients.

Beta Users must agree to the ShakeAlert License Agreement and Terms of Service.

If your organization is interested in becoming a Beta User, please contact your local ShakeAlert Regional Coordinator.

Beta User Criteria

  • Beta user organizations must:
    • have an interest in partnering with the ShakeAlert project to demonstrate the usefulness of the ShakeAlert System
    • agree to the terms of the end user agreement
    • commit sufficient resources to successfully install and run the ShakeAlert UserDisplay application and monitor results
    • designate a single point of contact
    • participate in training to understand the capabilities and limitations of the ShakeAlert system
    • provide suggestions and feedback regarding the ShakeAlert system, including functionality, design, usability, bugs, and results of any testing performed by the user
    • understand that no actions should be taken based on the ShakeAlert notifications

Beta Users install the ShakeAlert UserDisplay demonstration module application on a local computer and receive training that includes:

  • Overview of the project including partners, how the system works, utilization of ShakeAlert UserDisplay, and system limitations and delivery mechanisms
  • Expectations from Beta Users include:
    • Providing regular feedback
    • Ability to provide the proper software and human resources to run and monitor the program
    • Participation in regularly scheduled discussions
    • Trusted not to share code or data outside the working group