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ShakeAlert provides an excellent opportunity to teach the community at large about how earthquakes and tsunamis impact their homes, workplaces, and their everyday lives. The Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) is coordinating with the U.S. Geological Survey on the development of educational materials for ShakeAlert. This is in response to Priority #5 outlined in the ShakeAlert Communication, Education, and Outreach plan. IRIS is redeveloping and repurposing educational lessons and activities from many sources, to include the Alaska Native Geoscience Learning Experience (ANGLE), Cascadia EarthScope Earthquake and Tsunami Education Program (CEETEP), and IRIS InClass. The overarching aims of changes made to these lessons and activities include the need for broader inclusivity of ages, educational level and expertise, and environment, from the classroom to the community. The materials will focus on six (6) major themes: Plate Tectonics and Faults, Earthquake Basics, Earthquake Magnitude and Intensity, Understanding Natural Hazards, Earthquake Mitigation and Planning, and Earthquake Early Warning. Each topic will contain ~3-5 lessons, activities, and animations to be used and/or adapted for any learner. Approximately seven (7) lessons are in review and are coming soon!

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