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Educational Resources

This page contains ShakeAlert® System resources for educators, for use in the classroom as well as informal learning environments.

What is ShakeAlert®?

About the Educational Resources Working Group

The mission of the ShakeAlert Educational Resources Working Group (ERWG) is to serve broad and diverse learners through educational resources and efforts that promote awareness, understanding, and action related to ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning.

  • Develop educational resources that promote awareness, understanding, and action related to the ShakeAlert System and earthquake science more broadly.  
  • Engage broad and diverse learners in a variety of educational settings, including formal and free-choice learning environments. 
  • Engage educators and communicators in a broad variety of settings and roles; provide tools (e.g. educational resources, professional development, network support) that empower educators to engage learners in their own communities/settings.
  • Conduct educational research and evaluation to understand various learners’ needs and priorities related to earthquake education

Join us!

Are you interested in learning about or contributing to ShakeAlert education initiatives? Join the ShakeAlert Education Resources Working Group (ERWG)! We welcome members from all sectors (K-12, university, informal education, government, and more). Roles and commitment levels are flexible to match each member’s interests and capacity. For more information, contact Dr. Doug Lownsbery and/or complete the contact form.

ERWG Initiatives

Education Resource Development
Formal Education (K-16)
Informal Education and Free-Choice Learning
Education Research and Evaluation
Emergency Management and Technical Partner Education
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

Other Earthquake Educational Resources