Communication, Education, and Outreach

As part of system development, the ShakeAlert® Joint Committee for Communication, Education, and Outreach (JCCEO) was formed in 2016 to provide consistent guidance regarding the ShakeAlert system’s human interface.

This committee coordinates development of the guidance and resources that are elemental to successful and sustained user uptake of the system to maximize life-safety and property protection impacts. Over the next several years as ShakeAlert moves through pilot projects, phased roll-out, and full system implementation, the JCCEO will make recommendations on system-wide approaches and materials that take into consideration best practices, social science, and user-specific needs.

JCCEO provides a platform for discussion and coordination of tailored implementation plans by regions, for various uses (automated, organizational, and public), and for the whole community. JCCEO reports directly to the National ShakeAlert Program Coordinator Doug Given.

JCCEO also provides the sharing and coordination platform for independent communications, education and outreach programs among the three states (Oregon, Washington, and California) who are in the process of implementing ShakeAlert. British Columbia is an affiliate member of the committee.

JCCEO is currently led by Robert de Groot (USGS), chair and Jennifer Strauss (UC Berkeley), vice chair.

JCCEO National Committee Members and Affiliates


Leland O’Driscoll & Lucy Walsh, University of Oregon

Yumei Wang, Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

Althea Rizzo, Office of Emergency Management


Maximilian Dixon & Brian Terbush, Emergency Management Division

Corina Forson & Megan Anderson, Department of Natural Resources – Washington Geological Survey

Bill Steele & Mouse Reusch, University of Washington


Jennifer Strauss, UC Berkeley

Ryan Arba & Emily Holland, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Cindy Pridmore, California Geological Survey

Margaret Vinci, Caltech

U.S. Geological Survey

Doug Given, ShakeAlert Program National Coordinator

Robert de Groot, ShakeAlert Coordinator for Communication, Education, and Outreach

Paul Laustsen, Office of Communications and Publishing

Sara McBride, Social Science Research Coordinator

Chris Trent, USGS Congressional Liaison

British Columbia (affiliate)

Robert A. L. White, Emergency Management British Columbia

Teron Moore, Ocean Networks Canada