ShakeAlert Technical Partner Resource Center

ShakeAlert Technical Engagement Regional Coordinators


William Steele (lead) –
Gabriel Lotto –


Kelly Missett (lead) –
Gabriel Lotto –


Tal Edgecomb (Northern California lead) –
Margaret Vinci (Southern California lead) –

U.S. Geological Survey

Robert de Groot (lead) –
Kaitlyn Nelson –

Technical Implementation Resources

ShakeAlert Startup Guide (4/2021)  [.pdf]

ShakeAlert Messaging Toolkit

ShakeAlert Messaging Toolkit Manual (9/2020)[.pdf]

ShakeAlert Messaging Toolkit Resources (10/2020) [link to a variety of resources]

ShakeAlert Trademark Information 

ShakeAlert® Trademark Guidelines (10/2020) [.pdf]

ShakeAlert® Trademark Guidelines Slide Deck – Summary (9/2020) [.pdf]

ShakeAlert Protective Actions Guidelines (11/2020) [.pdf]


ShakeAlertTechnical Performance Review Criteria for License to Operate Conversion (Draft – 1/2021) [.pdf] – Use this document to better understand technical requirements  for pilot projects that will be addressed during the Pilot to LtO performance review.