What does it mean to be Powered by ShakeAlert?


The ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system, operated by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), quickly detects significant earthquakes, estimates shaking, and issues ShakeAlert Messages to Technical Partners. Then, Technical Partners, which have entered into a license agreement with the USGS, use this information to develop and deliver ShakeAlert-powered alerts that rapidly reach people and trigger automated actions to protect vital systems and infrastructure, potentially seconds before shaking arrives at their location.

Why are Technical Partners an important component of Earthquake Early Warning?

Technical Partners are integral to the success of ShakeAlert. By building systems that deliver ShakeAlert-powered alerts and automate actions, Technical Partners help to save lives, minimize injuries, and reduce earthquake damage to property and infrastructure. They can play a critical role in mitigating immediate earthquake losses, subsequent indirect earthquake economic impacts, and possible ripple effects, or “secondary disasters.” These mitigation efforts can increase a community’s recovery and speed return to normal status. Automation of alerts to the general public and to infrastructure systems is critical to improve earthquake resilience.