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  • 12/15: Congress approves $5 million to launch the ShakeAlert System (News Link)
  • 9/8: OpEd Time to build a quake early-warning system for California: Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff (link)
  • 9/4:  LA Times – Quake alerts’ success spurs effort to complete early-warning system (News link)
  • 9/3: 3rd International Earthquake Early Warning Conference (Video report)
  • 3/1: LA Daily News OpEd on value of EEW (News link)
  • 3/1: San Franisco Chronicle, California quake warning system works, but it needs funding (News link)


  • September, 2013: California Governor Jerry Brown signs EEW bill (Press release)
  • August, 2013: Santa Cruz Sentinal OpEd: Quake alerts worth the money (News Link)
  • April, 2013: City of Los Angeles awards Caltech $3.9M to upgrade earthquake network for EEW. (News link)
  • March 2013: LA Times OpEd, Quake sensors’ success shows their value for California: Opinion (News link)
  • January, 2013: Calif. State Senator Alex Padilla introduces bill to build EEW system in California. (News link)


  • August, 2012: BART activates earthquake early warning system (News link)
  • January, 2012: Selected beta users begin receiving ShakeAlert messages.


  • December, 2011: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation award $6M grant to universities for EEW. (News link)
  • April, 2011: Seconds before the big one by Richard Allen, published in Scientific American. (Download pdf)
  • March, 2011: Japanese EEW system warns millions before strong shaking in M9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake. (Link)


  • August, 2009: Phase I R&D project is completed and Phase II demonstration begins. (News link)


  • November, 2008: Do you want a 20-second warning? San Francisco Magazine by Vance. (Download pdf)
  • October, 2008: At First Jolt: Will we have warnings for the next big earthquake? by Richard Allen, published in Geotimes/EARTH (Download pdf)
  • May, 2008: Earthquake early warning systems: an investment that pays off in seconds by Georgia Cua, published in Natural Hazards Observer. (Download pdf)


  • August, 2006: USGS funded Phase I R&D effort begins.