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ShakeAlert® Tests, Drills and Exercises Toolkit

Conducting Tests, Drills, Exercises

For steps to conduct a test, drill, or exercise, see the checklists at Appendix A of this document.

Questions about ShakeAlert EEW among organizational or community participants should be a part of all drill and exercise discussions. Links to ShakeAlert EEW informational resources should be provided (and can be found at Since the EEW alert will be included in drill or exercise objectives, some questions for the Planning Team could include:

  1. What weaknesses in your emergency plans were identified by the drill or exercise?
  2. Did all technical and mechanical components of your ShakeAlert-powered integration work as planned?
  3. What issues arose during the drill or exercise?
  4. Were people able to perform protective actions in a timely manner after receiving the ShakeAlert-powered alert (such as DROP-COVER-HOLD ON or a modified protective action)?
  5. Were there any gaps identified?
  6. Are there high-priority issues that need to be addressed?
  7. Were the purpose and objectives of the drill or exercise met?

The following questions could be asked of participants, either in-person or via an app, email, or other communication method:

  1. What were your first thoughts and actions when you received the alert?
  2. Have you identified a process to account for your employees/family members/volunteers?
  3. What is your information-sharing plan of action?
  4. What essential functions need to be shut down?
  5. How did using the ShakeAlert EEW audio enhance your drill (if used)?
  6. Did people respond properly with protective actions?