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ShakeAlert® Tests, Drills and Exercises Toolkit

Evaluating Tests, Drills, Exercises

Evaluating drills and exercises should be done by reviewing their purpose and objective(s). For additional information, refer to the checklists at Appendix A of this document.

Urge players and participants to provide feedback immediately after the drill or exercise. If too much
time has elapsed after the event, people tend not to respond. When possible, participants should come together immediately after an exercise to conduct a “hotwash,” which is a time to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the drill or exercise. Scribes should be used to document the hotwash and other after-exercise meetings.

Typically, the Exercise Planning Team regroups to listen to the comments about the exercise, then creates an After-Action Report/Improvement Plan (AAR/IP). The AAR/IP analyzes the exercise and its observed strengths and weaknesses. Using the drill’s or exercise’s purpose and objective(s), identify the procedures or plans that require change or refinement and dates for correction. Share the AAR/IP with the organization’s leadership for approval and implementation of corrective actions.